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STOP THE WAR My name is Prokhor Protasov; I am a Russian musician. It is excruciating to see how friends in Ukraine are suffering these days, Russian soldiers are dying, and the very existence of our beautiful countries is under threat for the sake of the personal ambitions of a despicable dictator. For me, Russians are — Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Dostoevsky, and Chekhov. There is no place for Putin and his friends on this list. Woefully, THEY have appropriated the word 'Russians,' and THEY think they can speak and act on our behalf. It is a tragedy, the consequences of which we will have to deal with for decades. I strongly condemn Russia's actions in Ukraine.

I recently became one of the finalists of the prestigious Russian Composers' Competition PARTITURA. This competition was created with the support of the President's Grants Foundation. I did not hear that the JURY members (famous respectable musicians!) condemned the ongoing act of fascism [upd: according to FaceBook, V. Urupin and A. Goribol co-signed the Open Letter of the Musicians of Russia condemning the war]. Under these circumstances, I do not see any way to continue participating in this competition. I request that my name be removed from the list of finalists. The silence is immoral.

Sabam Award nomination

Sabam Award nomination September 10, 2021: The World Soundtrack Academy announces a new wave of nominees for the prestigious World Soundtrack Awards 2021: Nainita Desai and Natalie Holt are piling up the nominations and Gavin Brivik and Amelia Warner, no strangers to the WSA, return to the competition this year as possible winners of the Discovery of the Year and Public Choice Awards respectively. conclude, there is also the Sabam Award for Best Original Composition by a Young Composer, worth 2,500 euros. The participating composers were asked to write a score for a scene from Nanook of the North, the silent documentary film from 1922 by Robert J. Flaherty. Dougal Kemp, a British visual arts composer and sound designer, the American composer Matthew Lucado-Donner and Prokhor Protasov, a Russian composer and conductor, are the young film music talents who are competing for this award.

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Past Events

World Soundtrack Awards

October 23, 2021

Opera Ghent, Belgium, 8:00 pm
World Soundtrack Awards World Soundtrack Awards Gala & Concert.
Since establishing the World Soundtrack Academy, Film Fest Ghent has presented the prestigious annual World Soundtrack Awards for film music. The winners are announced during the World Soundtrack Awards Ceremony and Concert. At the concert, Brussels Philharmonic, conducted by Maestro Dirk Brossé, music director of Film Fest Ghent, performs a selection of music by the guests of honour and the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, accompanied by film clips on big screens.

WSA2021 will honour Greek composer Eleni Karaindrou.
Composer Max Richter is guest of honour at 21st World Soundtrack Awards.

Prokhor Protasov is one of the three nominees for the Sabam Award for Best Original Composition by a Young Composer.

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Escape Room

February 28, 2021

online (Zoom), 2:30 pm (Eastern Time)
Escape Room FREE EVENT
Zoom Pre-Registration Link: Click here to register
University of Toronto annual Student Composer Collective Opera project. intriguing scenario of characters trapped in a darkened room with no memory of how they got there...

Conductor: Sandra Horst
Director: Mario Pacheco
Composers: Prokhor Protasov, Evan Tanovich, Paul Kawabe and Paul Lessard
Librettist: Michael Patrick Albano
Production Design: Wesley McKenzie
Costume Design: Lisa Magill
Hair & Make-up Design: James Bolton
Stage Manager: Kristin McCollum
Produced by: Riddle Films & Christina Bell

Made possible in part by a generous gift from Dianne W. Henderson


Prokhor Protasov Prokhor Protasov is a Russian composer and conductor. He studied choral conducting and composition at the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory. From 2015 to 2018, he was conductor-in-residence of the Vyatka Symphony Orchestra. During that period, he arranged performances of two of his major compositions, a concerto for violin, piano, and orchestra and a ballet, Town in a Snuffbox. In 2015, he composed a song that has become the anthem for the city of Kirov. In 2018, Prokhor won a Fulbright Scholarship, which allowed him to study orchestral conducting at the Bard College Conservatory of Music with James Bagwell and Leon Botstein. Since 2020 Prokhor is a Doctor of Musical Arts student at the University of Toronto.

He has received several awards for his compositions, including the St. Romanos Melodos International Composers Competition in Saint Petersburg and the international composers competition, ‘Musical Palette of Durdy Bayramov,’ in Canada. Prokhor’s works have been performed in the Hermitage Theatre, Saint Petersburg Philharmonia, and the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow.

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