Sabam Award nomination

Sabam Award nomination September 10, 2021: The World Soundtrack Academy announces a new wave of nominees for the prestigious World Soundtrack Awards 2021: Nainita Desai and Natalie Holt are piling up the nominations and Gavin Brivik and Amelia Warner, no strangers to the WSA, return to the competition this year as possible winners of the Discovery of the Year and Public Choice Awards respectively. conclude, there is also the Sabam Award for Best Original Composition by a Young Composer, worth 2,500 euros. The participating composers were asked to write a score for a scene from Nanook of the North, the silent documentary film from 1922 by Robert J. Flaherty. Dougal Kemp, a British visual arts composer and sound designer, the American composer Matthew Lucado-Donner and Prokhor Protasov, a Russian composer and conductor, are the young film music talents who are competing for this award.

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Escape Room on YouTube

The recording of the annual Student Composer Collective Opera Project is now available on the University Of Toronto Opera YouTube channel!

About this performance:
Conductor: Sandra Horst
Director: Mario Pacheco
Composers: Prokhor Protasov, Evan Tanovich, Paul Kawabe and Paul Lessard
Librettist: Michael Patrick Albano
Production Design: Wesley McKenzie
Costume Design: Lisa Magill
Hair & Make-up Design: James Bolton
Stage Manager: Kristin McCollum
Produced by: Riddle Films & Christina Bell
Made possible in part by a generous gift from Dianne W. Henderson

Cast in order of appearance:
Parker Clements (Mervin, an accountant), Alex Mathews (Guardian #1), Alessia Vitali (Guardian #2), Angelo Moretti (Guardian #3), Juliana Krajčovič (Ruth, a brilliant PHD student), David Walsh (Vlad the Impaler), Lindsay Connolly (Prisoner #1), Danlie Acebuque (Prisoner #2), Heidi Duncan (Prisoner #3), Sacha Smith (An airline stewardess), Luke Noftall (The Voice of Authority), Mélissa Danis (Sister Clothilde, a Carmelite nun), Noelle Slaney (Madame Curie, a scientist), Elias Theocharidis (Cosmo Duff Gordon), Alexandra Fee (Lady Duff Gordon), Renee Fajardo (Imelda Marcos), Alex Hetherington (Ivanka Trump), Nicholas Higgs (Doug Ford).

Andrea Grant, piano
Jonny Smith, percussion
Adriana Jankovic, clarinet

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